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In light of the ongoing crisis with Coronavirus, Chase Corona Support Network was set up  to coordinate a local task force and to provide local information for residents and a  commitment to pass on national information.

Many of our residents are elderly or vulnerable and may soon be self-isolating. Those who do not have friends or family may encounter difficulties with getting supplies and we would like to provide a link for those working in local groups to identify or to provide a place where people can be directed to a volunteer or other help.

We are compiling a database of volunteers to keep in telephone contact with over 70’s  if they have to be isolated for some time. Many people have stockpiled certain items leaving others in need. We will allow people to exchange items but we will not allow items to be sold  or advertised for sale. It will be important that anyone volunteering to help a neighbour  does not put themselves or others at risk, so anyone volunteering must take notice of Public  Health England advice regarding self-isolation.

Residents are advised to not hand over any money in exchange for shopping to anyone that  don’t know or trust. We hope that with the support of honest individuals we can coordinate a group that ultimately will help to save residents lives.

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